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"Actress Gin Hammond's transcendent solo performance is miraculous."
The Washington Times

". . .Fluid, precise and passionate, [Hammond's] gestures, walks and voices ring absolutely true. Her control of her lower vocal register is startling. This is acting coming from a very deep place. . . .Hammond is right up there along [Anna Deavere] Smith . . . in her solo work . . ."
Richard Wallace - The Seattle Times

" of the most ingenious, moving and extraordinary pieces of theater you'll ever see. "The Syringa Tree" works masterfully, due to ...[the] charmingly adroit and powerfully talented actor, Gin Hammond." 
Anne Neville - The Buffalo News

"At times . . . a single performer goes on and carries a whole world with her. The latter is the stirring effect Gin Hammond creates . . . every moment with this gifted young actress feels special."
Peter Marx - The Washington Post

". . . breathtakingly versatile Gin Hammond . . . is superb, graceful & emotionally generous . . . she inhabits every character apparently effortlessly transforming herself . . . Hammond's impressive performance is completely engaging throughout."
Robert Hurwitt - San Francisco Chronicle

"This is a solo piece featuring Gin Hammond, who plays 24 parts in a powerful piece of theatre. She switches between the characters with wonderful agility . . . This artist is mesmerizing . . . she uses her lean body with athletic freedom on the large stage."
Richard Connema - Talkin' Broadway

"One of the extraordinary things about The Syringa Tree is the way the performer is called upon to dazzle us in subtle, convincing ways . . . at the play's end, Hammond is playing five characters simultaneously. With expert voice modulation (including fantastic accents and precise movements), we see and hear all five characters as if they were really on stage together. . . . the beating transfixing heart of the play is Hammond's dynamic, spellbinding performance."
Chad Jones - Oakland Tribune

"Gin Hammond, a chameleon who shifts skins the way most mortals change expressions, brings a measured grace to her adult characters and a guileless defiance to her children. . . . The cheering, weeping audience . . . didn't want to let her go."
Washington CityPaper


". . .What saves the play . . .is the remarkable Gin Hammond. This fine young actress carries the heavily loaded baggage of racial interloper and biographic fabricator with total credibility."
Naomi Siegel - The Montclair Times

". . . Gin Hammond gives startling performances first as the poor victimized wife, then as the self-assured southern belle with more than a dash of Scarlett O'Hara."
Peter Filichia - The Newark Star-Ledger


". . .Gin Hammond, a virtual walk-on as Mason's younger daughter, applies herself with such immediacy, she verifies the maxim: there are no small parts only small actors. Believe that you will see more of Hammond."
Dwight Hobbes - Insight News


"Gin Hammond is radiant as the newcomer that enchants the eligible men and even wins over the women."
Potomac Stages Review

"Gin Hammond is the picture of innocence . . ."
Paul Harris - Variety

"In the first act, it seems the plot will focus on . . . the nicely understated Gin Hammond . . ."
Jonathan Padgett - Stage

" . . . the play is spurred by dead-on performances, full of fury and honesty . . . Perri Gaffney as the embittered Dicey, Gin Hammond as the beautiful Leafy Lee."
Gary Tischler - The Georgetowner


"Immensely graceful and athletic . . .. a commanding presence. Hammond for example makes a sexy slo-mo tai chi entrance . . ."
Ed Siegel - The Boston Globe

"I particularly enjoyed Gin Hammond as the feisty outraged Rosaura."
Chris Rohmann - The Valley Advocate

"Gin Hammond is an engaging, believable presence as Rosaura."
Jonathan Levine - The Pittsfield Gazette 

"...a heart wrenching one person play, performed briliantly by NY Actress Gin Hammond. I cried and laughed and cheered for two hours as this artist created over 20 different characters on stage, without costume changes, with only the exquisite clarity of her craft. ...This IS why I'm in the 'biz'! To experience and create such Art."
Marc Durso - Act True



An Audiobook Review



Nalo Hopkinson

Read by

Gin Hammond


Gin Hammond's portrayal of Calamity Lambkin, a salty, irreverent Caribbean woman, is

pitch-perfect... Hammond delivers this enchanting story without a flaw. Her voice, with its

soothing low pitch and rhythm, captures island accents and makes listening a pleasure.


D.J.P. © AudioFile 2007, Portland, Maine [Published: AUG/ SEP 07]



Nadia Hashimi

Read by Gin Hammond • Unabridged • AUGUST 2014
Blackstone Audiobooks • Trade Ed.
Blackstone Audiobooks • Library Ed.


Gin Hammond narrates a dual story of Afghan girls kept out of school and imprisoned in their homes by cultural prohibitions. Her husky undertone evokes empathy for the girls, who are judged solely by their ability to make a good marriage and produce sons. Hammond's soft delivery and gentle cadence keep listeners engaged as the girls struggle with ambitions that seem destined to elude them. Her tender treatment of the narrative contrasts effectively with the merciless society the girls grow up in. She shifts fluidly between the present day and the extended flashbacks to the life of an elder aunt, keeping the listener oriented between the two stories.

M.R. © AudioFile 2014, Portland, Maine


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